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We are a horse rescue based in East Sussex. We are a very experienced team of people who have dedicated their lives to horse welfare, and promoting better understanding of equine needs and education.

Through our research we have identified many equines find themselves being rehomed through no fault of their own usually because their owners cannot afford to keep them. Our team trialed for over a year the concept of sharing and what changes it would make for both owner and sharer.

As well as helping owners sharing has inspired individuals that could not afford their own equine to get back into the sport again.

Sharing is a flexible approach to get active together. Small changes in individuals lives have made huge changes to physical and mental health and wellbeing.



The outcome of our research was amazing – no bad experiences, just happy equines, happy sharers and happy owners!

However, to get these positive outcomes, in our experience it is essential to have sound contracts and insurances in place. This is where our expertise can help you achieve your goals.

We are happy to offer advice, simply email info@equinesharers.co.uk or call us 07984 566492 or 07816 523905.

If you have a welfare concern, please notify us here.









Equine Sharers web site was easy to use and a great service I have found a sharer for my horse and gained a good friend.


Fantastic, I was thinking of selling my horse as I could not afford to keep her. My sharer pays a contribution so we are all happy, including my horse!


I love sharing I love my horse, my mental health has stabilized and I feel so much better for getting out and about. My son has also started riding too.


Sharing has been the best experience to get me back into horses. I’ve lost weight, I feel healthier and my confidence has grown.


Wonderful I am now sharing a horse something I could only dream of thank you Equine Sharers

Jessica French

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